Music for the Annual Concert in September 2017- a mixture of old and new.Please preapre yourself for the following titles.

Anfonaf Angel

Alexanders Rag Time Band

African Prayer- middle section in Welsh

Ar Lan Y Mor

Back to the 60's x 3

Comrades in Arms

Cwm Rhondda

Fields of Anthenry

I Dreamed a Dream

Let it be Me

Men of Harlech- English version

Pokarekare Ana


Speed Your Jorney

Veni Jesu


Morte Criste

Some of these to be used on tour to Yorkshire and within our joint concerts over the year


You can go to the web site of Cotswold Male Voice Choir and listen to many of these songs in full and the music for each section.

In particular listen to

Comrades in Arms

Speed your Journey

Stout Hearted Men

Morte Cristie

Divine Brahma


Please ensure you have the following music available:

1. Angels

2.Anfonaf Angel [Welsh] New Version

3.Alexanders Rag Time Band

4. Ar Lan Y Mor

5.African Prayer- centre part in Welsh

6.Comrades in Arms

7.He Ain't Heavy

8.The Peace Makers in Welsh

9.The Prayer

10. When I'm Sixty Four

11. Fantasia on Famous Welsh Airs- English version

12. Fields of Athenry- new

13. Let it Be Me

14. Back to the Sixties - new

15. Yfory

16. Cwm Rhondda

17. Shenandoah

18.A miners song - new in Welsh

We will still be singing all the other Welsh pieces. Please inform your team leader if you are missing any music.


Laudamus Phonetic Translation

Hill of Calvary

1st Verse



Gwaed                y   Groes sy’n codi fyny

Goo-wide uh groes seen cody vun-ee

Calvary’s blood the weak exalteth

‘Reiddil y goncwerwr       mawr

Writhe-ill uh gone-que-roar mawr

More than conqueror’s to be

Gwaed     y   Groes sydd   yn darostwng

Goo-wide uh groes seethe un dar-os-toong

Calvary’s blood the strong subdueth

Cewri cedyrn   fyrdd   i   lawr

Cewry cade-irn vir-the ee lawr

Myriad hosts to bow to Thee

Gad im   deimlo, Gad im    deimlo, Gad im   deimlo

Gad eem dime-lo, Gad eem dime-lo, Gad eem dime-lo

O revive me, O revive me, O revive me

Awel o Galfaria   fryn

Ah-well o Galvaria vrin

With the breeze from Calvary

2nd verse

Cymer     Iesu   fi   fel ‘rydwyf

Come-err Yesee vee vel rud-oove

Take me as I am O Saviour

Fyth ni   allaf     fod   yn well

Vith nee al-have vode un well

Better I can never be

Dallu     di   am gwna       yn agos

Dath-lee dee am goon-nah un agos

Thou alone can bring me nearer

Fewyllys I yw mynd ymhell

Vew-uh-llis ee ewe mind um-ell

My volition draws me far from Thee

Yn dy glwyfau, yn dy glwyfau,

Under glue-vie, under glue-vie

Within your wounds, within your wounds

Bydda’n unig fyth yn iach

Buh-thine ee-nig vith un ya-ch

Only ever can I be saved

3rd Verse

Ymddiriedaf         yn Dy allu

Um-thee-high-rav     un der athlee

I have trust in your power

Mawr yw’r gwaith a wnest eriod

Mawr ewe-rr gwai-th ah w-nest airy-oid

Great is the work that You have always done

Ti gest angeu, Ti gest uffern

Tee guest ang-eye, Tee gest ee-ferrn

You suffered death, You suffered hell

Ti gest     Satan dan dy droed

Tee guest Satan dan der droid

You suffered Satan obstructing your way

Pen Calfaria, Pen Calfaria, Pen Calfaria,

Pen Calvaria, Pen Calvaria, Pen Calvaria,

Hill of Calvary, Hill of Calvary, Hill of Calvary

Nac aed     hwnnw       byth o’m cof

Nack eyed who–noo       bith ome cove

That will always stay in my memory






ALL SECTIONS                    All start on the C

                                                Keep a good steady pace thought out the piece

                                                Especially on the Chorus.


Bass                                         Unison start - moderately soft

Tenors                                     Entry bar 7, bar 9 Split into parts, and a little louder

                                                than in the previous.

Bass                                         Bar 12 UNISON

Tenors                                     Bar 17   "     " bar 23 melody

                                                REMEMBER bar 25 last note is a G and it is the same

                                                note to start the next phrase.

All                                           Bar 29 Hold this note for 2 beats fading away.

Bass                                         Harmony - Bar 36

T.Tenors                                  Melody - Bar 39


B Bass                                   Rhythm on Bar 3 (beau-ti-ful)

Baritones/Bass                       Bar 47,48,49,50 (Do not sing) Be careful with your pitch

                                            in Bar 52

All                                         This piece is sung "AFFECTIONALLY" Rise and fall

                                             on bar 33 - 40 then take it quieter and start building on

                                              bar 40 - 46.

                                             Tenors 47 Unison on these 3 bars make sure a good tone

                                             is reproduce

                                            This piece has so many rise and falls in the expression so

                                             Please WATCH me.


Bass                                     Unison to start

Tenors                                  Unison on bar 10- 16 Ooh on bar 18-21

Baritones/T.Tenors                sing the melody line bar 18

All                                        Split into parts "Walk on Walk on"

                                            Please make sure the MELODY line comes through

                                            After 1st time bar has been sung go Back to page 2

                                            and all sing the melody "Walk on through the wind"

                                            then move to 2nd time bar to finish the piece.


Bar 27                                 2nd tenors sing the top tenor part (page 5)

Bar 33                                 Unison (page 6)

Bar 51                                 Bottom Bass (page 8) Your Note is E Flat

End Chord for all sections      Top Tenor     A flat

                                           Sec Tenor     E flat

                                           Baritones       C

                                           B.Bass           A flat



The beginning of this piece sets the scene - a good harmonic sound is what we need to produce.

Keep the speed to a good steady pace, throughout.


Page 4                                  Bass entry then Baritones, Second Tenors Finishing with

                                            Top Tenors. Hold the last chord of the bar for 4 beats,

                                            keep a lively exciting rhythum through-out this until

                                            we get to the bottom of Page 7 or Page 6 a complete

                                            break after this sign //

Bass                                     Ooh

Page 8                                  Not to slow Tenors on this section.

All                                      "There must be someone who will buy" in this section

                                           Please hold note for Two Beats on the word WHO

                                           WILL and BUY

Solo                                    ( Where is Love)

Bass                                    I'd Do Anything to be sung by the bass section in unison

Page 13                               Please is this in harmony

Solo                                    (Got to Pick a Pocket)

                                           All sections will join in Harmony on Page 15 (14)

All                                      (Consider Yourself)

                                             Make sure you take the Rests in this piece as they are so


                                             In to 2nd time bar to finish.


Bass/Tenors                         Moderatly Soft to start, followed by the tenor entry

Page 4                               Bar 19 -21 second tenors sing the same as the tops

                                         Bar 25     Unison

                                         Bar 27 split

                                         Bar 33 all tenors sing There's time for everyone

                                         Bar 37 split

                                         Bar 41 sing the same as top tenors

Top Tenors                       Bar 57 Melody line the same as Second Tenors

                                           Maestoso -   Sing as the copy says

Baritones                         Bar 42 & Bar 50   same as Bottom bass

                                         Bar 53     Into your own parts.


This piece needs lots of expression

Page 7 (letter G)               Tenors be careful with the note B natural on the word


Page 7 (letter H)               When I'm Laid to my Rest   -   ALL sing UNISON

                                           fading away on the last note, please take a complete break.

Page 11 (bar 41)               Top Tenors     take the note G

                                           Sec Tenors     take the note E


                                           The Word POWER